Thursday, June 23, 2011

An Evening With Kym Purling and Friends

My dear friend Kym Purling local jazz great who is regularly heard at the Fox Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings with his group is organizing a great evening of jazz at the Palladium.  This event will feature his regular group Allejandro Arenas on bass, Mark Feinman on drums and a list of great singers and sidemen that will tickle your ears and stimulate your mind.  So far we have  Lorri Hafer, Ashley Locheed, Denise Moore and Paulette Pepper on vocals,  Jeremy Powell, Rodney Rojas and Austin Vickrey on saxophone,
Dwayne White on Trumpet, and Stephen Bucholtz on drums.  This all star cast will begin playing at 7:30 pm.
Thanks to our sponsors of the law firm of Adams and Reese, Realtor Kim Beiningen, Call All Dogs Pet Sitting and Dog Walking and Nuance Galleries all of our proceeds will go to our food programs and school supplies in the Chitwan area.  We are starting to work in 2 new schools.
I have to thank Paul Wilborn and his Palladium staff for the use of this great place to hear jazz. What a great way to spend a summer evening and also know by showing up you are helping someone.  $20 was the number we picked, because that will feed a child for 1/2 of a year.  So please get the word out and buy your tickets on our website, or the Palladium website.    Rob