Tuesday, February 21, 2017

We are ready to make our departure to Djibouti, a small African nation in the Horn of Africa.  We, that is Elana Powell, Global Action Coalition’s intern, a student at USF and I, are headed on a great adventure to represent GAC there.  We have several jobs to do.  Our major job is to help coordinate the arrival of these state of the art tents, film their delivery to the port and travel and set up at the Kalatbisan village with the hand over to the Village Elders.  There has been interest from our friend John Wilson for us to put together a story about this project that could be featured nationally.  Also, while there, we are giving two other tents to worthy projects: one to a School for Disabled Children in Djibouti City and one to a joint project with the Djibouti Army to set up a clinic for refugees and the poor.   Finally, we will meet with both US and Djibouti officials to find the funding and resources to start our solar powered water project to help bring safe drinking water to many arid communities.  Please stay tuned each day as we take you to one of those places you will never travel to and meet the people that inhabit this exotic place.  You will also meet the career foreign policy staff and military who is the face of the United States here.  There are great stories to tell about this and I am sure it will interest and inspire.