Saturday, April 9, 2016

I journeyed all day from Kathmandu to Chitwan by bus.  Due to working on the 'highway' a two lane road through mountain passes the trip took 7 plus hours.  Along the way I saw damage done by the earthquake to homes and buildings and places where the highway was being repaired from the landslides that closed it for quite a while.  What I also saw was people working everywhere.  The Nepali are an industrious people.  If they have a motor it will soon be pulling a cart and carrying either people or goods. If they have a few feet of space in a building it becomes a store selling water and soda and other snacks.   In a couple of months the weather will resort to monsoons and life must be quite a bit harder with constant rains during the hottest times. In Chitwan I am staying at the Jungle Safari Lodge.  This is a beautiful place with lovely grounds and the rooms are very modern.  When I arrived they were experiencing load sharing.  This country due to the fact this is a dry time of year has a shortage of electricity. The rivers are drier causing less hydroelectric power and promises by the government to work on extending the power grid go unfulfilled every year.  Last year they had 14 hours a day of power outage.
Tomorrow I meet with administrators from two schools that we work with followed by our partners Nourish Nepal. We are seeking ways to make our education initiatives more successful.  This give me a chance to hear what their biggest problems are and I am proposing we work towards creating a Learning Center to help teach the teachers more effective ways to reach the student.  That is all for now.

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