Thursday, January 29, 2015

Djibouti Final Day,

As I wrap  up my Djibouti Adventure I am left with some thoughts.  First the incredible support I have been given by the Djibouti government.  Though I did not meet the President this time, he had to travel to Saudi, meet the Turkish President and visit in Ethiopia, his help was felt.  Colonel Mohamed Farah, my friend from his days at Central Command Coalition was given a government car that because it had the letter A on it, many thought I was a visiting Ambassador or dignitary.  We were also able to travel across the water to the other side of the county saving many hours in a car with a Coast Guard patrol boat.  And finally our meetings with the Minister of Agriculture were so productive.  We will have many agreements on working as partners in Solar Powered water all over the country. 
As for the people of Djibouti I have so much respect.  I have met from one end to the other.  One a  young man whose father is a Chief Advisor to the President took me to the 5 Star Hotel to see the other world that I had missed.  The other end of the continuum was the many Nomads I have met, whose life it lived totally in the now.  They know nothing of 9-11 and other world affairs, but of their camels, goats and other livestock, their families in their little huts and how each day they will survive.   That they are sending their children to schools is hope for the future of change for these people. One afternoon in Carta, a small village in the mountains where the winds always blow, I found myself kicking a plastic bottle in a makeshift soccer game.  Even here Messi is their hero.  I see that Global Action Coalition can really help here and our education efforts will be met with support from the World Food Bank and the Djibouti government.  Simple things like sweaters will help keep these children healthy.  In several schools if we supply the building materials, the new classrooms will be the catalyst for other great things.  I think with help we can be the change we want to see in the world.  This Muslim country is not a hot bed for extremism and I always felt welcome.  Many times people talked of the help they have been given by the United States.  I have collected many great photos and wish I could include them in todays blog, but I promise when I get back to add them.  I hope that I will have touched you to think when you are feeling generous to help us.  Your support will go far and not be wasted.   Rob

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