Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Djibouti views

I came to Djibouti to see if I could be involved in helping this country in two ways.  Water and Education.  Well it looks like we will be partnering with the Ministry of Agriculture to supply solar powered water to both existing wells and newly drilled ones.  Also if the technology of solar powered desalination is efficient we will be helping the many wells that have salt water intrusion.  This is so exciting.  As for the education project.  The needs are huge.  There are two populations we will be addressing.  One are the ones that live full time in a town and the nomads.  As we will be working in the countryside and one of the pressing needs as much of the area is barren and has winds blowing 100% of the time will be sweaters for the children. I could distribute 5,000 sweaters tomorrow if I  had them.  In one very remote area Kalatbi San, we can be a catylyst to help.  Right now 100 children out of the 1,000 go to school.  Why is because the only school room is a tent.  The other blew away.  If I build a school room we add 100 children.  The teacher assured me that I supply the materials, they will build it and then he can get more teachers and the World Food Bank will feed them lunch.  I also have a commitment from the Army here to transport the materials to the site for free. Now that is partnering.  So now lets start finding the money for some buildings. Other needs are school supplies, a lunch program, and this is just in a few villages I have been.   Please check out some of the photos that I am unable to include in this blog on Global Action Coalition Facebook page and share it.  Rob,   #water, #education, #nomads, #solar power, #NGO, #Djibouti.

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